Do I Need A UPS For My Gaming PC? (Personal Experience)

The answer is yes, at least for me. After many years of gaming, it’s hard to imagine playing without a UPS. However, I noticed that my computer had become too sluggish and even shutting down would cause my games to be frozen for hours. The first time this happened, I unplugged my computer from the wall to find that it was still sporadically powering on. After many failed attempts at troubleshooting, I decided to purchase a UPS for my PC which proved successful in preventing that problem from occurring again as well as other problems such as power spikes and power loss.

I have been able to continue playing games using the same electrical outlet thanks to the UPS keeping up with surges from power outages or during shutdowns which were both problems before investing in a UPS

Do I Need A UPS For My Gaming PC

What is a UPS?

The UPS or UPS battery stands for “Uninterrupted Power Supply” and it is used mainly as a backup system when there are sudden outages. These sudden outages can happen because of storms or other conditions which are frequent in regions such as here in Florida. If you encounter such an event often, then having a UPS battery can save your experience from any disruptions.

Why should  a gamer buy UPS for his gaming PC

The main reason a gamer should invest in a UPS is to give his computer enough time to save some work from being lost when there is a power outage. The consequence of that interruption could be a loss in files, programs, and photographs from the hard disk drive. If you are planning an upgrade or major repair on your PC, then it is highly advisable to buy a UPS and install it before the work begins.

Reasons why a gamer may not buy a UPS.

Some gamers only play for a few hours each day or for a couple of days a week. In that case, they might not have to invest in a UPS or the reason might be that they prefer to spend their money on upgrading their gaming PC instead of buying something that has limited use. Also, some gamers decided that it is just not worth the money if they don’t play as much or if they don’t play games at all.

However, there are aspects too that can be lost if a PC shuts down unexpectedly and that is data from the hard disk drive, programs and configuration information in some cases.

These things can be saved by using a UPS battery but there are things you need to take into consideration before buying one.

Things to consider before buying a UPS

1) The type of installation you have in your home or office. If you use a single power point for all your appliances and computer accessories, then it is better to buy one with a big capacity to ensure that it feeds all the devices. But if your computer and other devices are in different outlets, then you don’t need to buy a big capacity battery because smaller batteries can easily run down to their lowest level to feed just the PC.

2) If you have a UPS battery that is more than a few years old and it seems to be discharging slowly, then there is an issue with the battery that could cause it to die much more quickly. In such cases, you should buy a brand new battery from the same vendor or go to your nearest computer store and plug it into the PC while playing the games so as to check its performance. If it is functioning well, then you will know for sure if you need a new one.

3) You should go for a battery with an inbuilt surge protector. If your PC is connected to a normal outlet and the power goes off, the surge protector will automatically prevent any damage to your computer or circuit board. And if your PC is plugged into a UPS battery and the power goes off, all you need do is press the button on the power bar of the UPS battery to apply power until you are able to reset it from inside your PC.

How to Charge and Maintain a Gaming Computer Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery?

A UPS battery can be charged by connecting it to the mains (mains voltage or line voltage) and leaving it connected for a few hours to a day. The exact time is determined by the capacity of the battery and how much time you leave between charging sessions. The longer you leave it, the better.

A UPS battery should be completely discharged (disconnected from power) after charging before storing it for a long period or when storing it for an extended period as part of your insurance policy against dead batteries. This is because there are two forms of failure with batteries and one is a dead short caused by active material shedding from the plates (internal corrosion). If you keep a battery plugged into the mains for a very long period, this shedding may take place and lessen the capacity of the battery. The other failure is due to swollen cells caused by overcharging which may cause it to swell and crack open.

According to the specific situation, you should either have your UPS battery connected to the mains for several hours or days at a stretch or switch it on after charging and then switch it off immediately.

The condition of your UPS battery depends on how much charge is stored in it.

Do I need to buy a new UPS when I’m upgrading or repairing my Gaming PC?

Even if you do not get a new UPS, it is advisable to change the battery at the same time because old batteries are known to have some technical issues such as internal corrosion or swelling. Also, disconnecting the battery is not enough to ensure safety even after a long time of disuse.

Old batteries are also usually in poor condition and no longer have 100% capacity.

How long do I have once the UPS battery is installed on my PC to enjoy uninterrupted gaming?

The answer to this question depends on how important uninterrupted gaming is to you. If it is extremely important, then you will need to ensure that all the components of your Gaming PC are protected from potential damage caused by the sudden power outage. And if it is not critical, then it will be better if you use the UPS battery only as a backup and leave your computer connected at all times.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my UPS battery?

The answer to this question depends on how you use your computer. If you just leave your computer connected all the time, then the chances are that your battery is dying or there are problems with it and this could be caused by various factors. One main reason is abnormal swelling of the cells which can cause the battery to burst open. Another reason is that the chemicals in it are reacting abnormally, which affects the capacity of the battery. The capacity could also be affected by continuous discharge and charging. And finally, if you have a cheap battery then it could just be dying or there could be other internal faults in its circuitry and this may lead to your computer shutting down unexpectedly.

In conclusion, an Uninterruptible Power Supply battery can be a good investment for the gaming PC if you are serious about uninterrupted gaming and it should last for many years if you take care of it.