Is Wireless Mouse Good For Gaming? (Answered)

You might be surprised to know that wireless mice are now just as good as wired or Bluetooth gaming mice for gaming. Years ago, latency and lag would have been high issues with wireless mice used for gaming. Nowadays, they’ve improved to the point where latency and lag is often the same as it would be with a wired mouse or even lower than that of Bluetooth or non-gaming wireless mice.

Benefits of Wireless Mice for Gaming

Many gamers aren’t aware that their mouse is plugged into a USB port. The benefit of having a wireless mouse is you don’t have to deal with cable mess and they’re very easy to transport.

How Does Wireless Mouse Work?

Wireless mice use radio frequency Bluetooth technology transmitting data via radio waves in the 2, 4, and 8 gigahertz frequency ranges covering the entire ISM band from 800 MHz to 1,300 MHz.

Three Major Wireless Mouse Technologies: Radio Frequency, Infrared,  Laser

Radio Frequency (RF): Radio frequency is used by Bluetooth and one of the most common frequencies used by wireless mice. RF mice are specific for use with Windows applications only. For gamers, it means that you have to use Microsoft’s operating system to make it work.

How does Radio Frequency mouse work?

Radio frequency mice transmit data through radio waves, which are sent from the base station to the mouse.

Advantages of Radio Frequency

  • There’s little or no latency.
  • The signal has a good range, usually about 10 meters (30 feet).

Disadvantages of Radio Frequency

  • You need to be within that 10-meter range for your mouse to work. There’s no way of extending the range so you’ll have to make sure that there are no obstacles between the mouse and the base station.

Lasered mice transmit data with light rather than radio waves. They’re also for professional use and can be very expensive.

How does Laser mouse work?

Laser Mouse: A laser-equipped mouse uses an optical sensor that detects movement and sends signals through a transmitter to the receiver, which then relays the data to computers and/or other accessories. Laser mice have high accuracy, long range, and are very sensitive to light levels.

Advantages of Laser Wireless mice

  • Good tracking on a variety of surfaces.
  • They have a long range, usually about 40 feet.

Disadvantages of Laser mice

  • They have a shorter battery life, about 5 to 9 months.
  • The laser can affect your vision when used close up. You should wear protective glasses or a special eyepiece to use the laser mouse.

Infrared mouse : Uses infrared light and sensors to capture movement of the mouse. This variety is very common in laptop computers.

How does Infrared Mouse Work?

Infrared wireless mice transmit data through infrared light. They are small and use infrared light emitting diodes (IRED) instead of lasers. They also have the advantage of not being affected by sunlight in the way a laser mouse would be.

Advantages of Infrared Wireless mice

  • Excellent tracking for low light conditions.
  • Very low latency.

Disadvantages of Infrared Mice

  • Cost, they tend to be more expensive than other types of mice
  • They can have problems working in crowded areas because they use infrared light.
  • Not as long of a battery life.

Best Budget Wireless Gaming Mouse :

The Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse is a great budget wireless gaming mouse. It has awesome features like 15 programmable controls, and is fully programmable with G hub software. It has dual connectivity: Toggle between convenient Bluetooth and ultra fast 1 mms LIGHTSPEED advanced wireless technology. It provides the best, wired gaming mouse feels without the wires through a new HERO 16K sensor. It allows for the most responsive gaming with zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration. It has a durable metal scroll wheel and Programmable scrolling.

Best features:

  • 15 programmable controls with 6 thumb buttons
  • Bluetooth and ultra fast 1 mms LIGHTSPEED advanced wireless technology
  • Hero 16K sensor for responsive gaming with no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
  • Durable metal scroll wheel and Programmable scrolling
  • Insanely fast 1 ms response time for super-precise tracking
  • 2 years limited hardware warranty

So, in conclusion…

Is a wireless mouse good for gaming?

Yes, it is. You can use a wireless mouse for gaming without the hassle of wires if you have Bluetooth connectivity. It’s also convenient because you won’t have to deal with messy wires. You can easily and conveniently take your wireless mouse with you wherever you go.