When you’re gaming, your success in the game is dependent on how much focus you have. If you’re distracted or uncomfortable, your performance is going to suffer because of it. That’s why it’s important to invest in the best breathable gaming chair for your needs. In this article we’ll be discussing a few of the best breathable gaming chairs on the market and what factors you should consider when you’re buying one.

What is the Best Material for breathable gaming chair?

One of the biggest problems with traditional gaming chairs is you get back sweat sitting for a while as they are generally made of leather. On a hot day, you’ll be sweating all over your chair and the leather absorbs sweat.

This stinks and can sometimes feel gross as well. Breathable gaming chairs won’t do this if they’re made of mesh or breathable fabric.

Fabric chairs are more breathable than leather which makes them the better choice for people looking to buy a breathable gaming chair. However, a gaming chair made of mesh is more breathable than fabric and overall better. Mesh allows airflow for overall cooling, keeping gamers fresh and focused for long hours of gaming.

Is it Easy To Clean a breathable gaming chair?

The other factor you should consider is that it is much easier to clean the fabric or mesh gaming chair compared to leather.

With fabric, or mesh it’s easy to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Also, you don’t have to worry about spills because no liquid can damage the chair. With leather, you will end up cleaning it regularly if you’re going to play all day long without moving

How much support does a breathable gaming chair provide?

Although they are not made to support as much weight as traditional leather gaming chairs, the breathable ones do a good job at keeping gamers comfortable and relaxed.

Considering all these factors above, our top recommendation for best breathable gaming chair is as follows:

RESPAWN 205 Racing Style Gaming Chair

best breathable gaming chair

This chair is made from quality PU leather and mesh cushion back that’s both breathable and durable.

The attractive, angular design makes the chair look modern and attractive and comes with many well-thought-out touches. For example, there are several color combinations available: black and red or black and white.

The chair can be adjusted to hold up to 275 pounds, which is more than enough for a wide range of users.

It comes with a detachable headrest and lumbar support making thus providing back and neck support for gamers

The  Ergonomic, slim design makes it comfortable to sit for long periods of time. Also, the slim and ergonomic design of this chair allows for quick transitions from sitting to standing, making it a good fit for those who wish to move around a lot during gameplay.

Another great feature is the adjustable height and angle of the seat and back which helps to relieve the tension of the lower limbs

Priced at around $200 it’s great for gamers looking for a breathable gaming chair within a modest budget.


* Made of quality PU leather and mesh cushion back

* Promotes a healthy posture with a detachable headrest and lumbar support

* Smooth, slim design makes it very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

* Adjustable height and angle helps relieve the tension in the lower limbs.

* Priced at around $200, perfect for gamers on budget looking for breathable gaming chair


* No seatback cushioning

To start gaming in an ergonomic, breathable chair get this chair from Amazon


Hylone Mesh Gaming Chair with Headrest with Flip-up Arms

The biggest advantage of this chair is that its back is made completely of mesh. This means that you won’t get sweaty sitting in this chair.

This chair supports your head, neck, entire back, and hips to relieve pain in these areas and protect your spine from injury.

The chair’s waterfall edge wide and deep seat supports your hips and legs well, very comfortable for long gaming sessions. You can maintain a healthy sitting posture for more than 8 hours without losing comfort.

Breathable mesh and a wide seat prevent sweating when using this chair for long gaming hours.

The wide and thick headrest provides comfortable neck support, preventing neck crack caused by the head’s excessive forward tilt when using a computer for long hours.

The flip-up armrests are a cool feature as well. They help you raise your arms up or down with the chair and relieve stress on your shoulders. 90° flip-up arms also allow to  push it under desk thus saving lots of space when not in use.


* Mesh back provides cool back support

* Supports your head, neck, entire back and hips for maximum comfort

* Satisfies pain in these areas and protects your spine from injury

* Wide and deep seat supports your hips, legs well for long gaming hours

* Flips up for arm relaxation or down when not in use

* Space-saving 90° flip-up arms can easily be pushed under the desk


* The chair’s high back can be  low for a very tall gamer.

To know more about this chair, check out the users reviews here


In order to be successful at any game, it is important that you are comfortable and focused while playing. Breathable gaming chairs are a great investment for those gamers who want to be comfortable and focus on the games that they play. As you can see from the list of chairs above, they each have different specifications. So select the gaming chair that best fits your needs.